Ahmadli Park

Ahmadli Park
About Ahmadli Park
General information on the project:
  • The date of delivery: 2023
  • Number of entries: 3
  • Number of blocks: 2
  • Number of floors: 13-14
  • Number of apartments in the complex: 154
  • Number of apartments in each floor: 5-6
  • Number of elevators in block: 2
Apartment area:
  • 1-room - 54-94 m2
  • 2-room - 90-118 m2
  • 3-room - 132-188 m2
  • 4-room - 194-224 m2
  • 5-room duplex - 385-386 m2
  • 6-room duplex - 451-538 m2
Ahmadli Park residential complex

Ahmadli Park is 13-14-floor premium residential complex consisting of 3 buildings, 3 blocks. The premium project, which is located 3 minutes away from Ahmadli subway station and 10 minutes away from the city, and the construction of which started in 2020, is located in M.Hadi Street, 2337th quarter.

The project of "Ahmadli Park" consists of terrace apartments on the 3rd floor and terrac duplex on the 12th-13th floors.

In "Ahmadli Park" the internal height of the apartments is 3.14 meters and the total height of the floors is 3.30 meters in order make them more beautiful, spacious and light. The high-quality construction materials such as armatures made in Ukraine-Russian, M350 brand concrete are used in the construction of the complex.
The main advantages of Ahmadli Park residential complex:

  • 24-hour water supply and water tank;
  • central electricity supply and generator;
  • gas supply, fire safety system;
  • 24-hours security system and surveillance cameras;
  • facade stone wool and Creomogranite
  • Creomogranite that keeps the apartment warm in the winter and cool in the summer;
  • blind framed PVC windows being water-proof, as well as non-deformed.

And also a recreation area for adults, a large playground for children and attractions will be available in the 36-hundred square-meters enclosed yard. Moreover, there is a 1-floor underground parking lot and direct access to the elevator from the parking lot for security of the automobiles. Shopping centers on the 1st floor of the complex, built by taking into consideration comfort of the residents in every area, and the terrestrial parking lot in front of the building are already operating.
Our features
Why is Ahmadli Park?
Water and central electricity supply
2 water tanks
24-hour security system
surveillance cameras;
special security officer in each entrance of the building
PVC windows
Blind framed 70mm-PVC profiles being made in Turkey, water-proof, non-deformed and 2-layer glass
Stone wool (thickness 50 mm, dentisity 150 kg/m3) and Creomogranite are used for fire-resistant, moisture protection, and thermal insulation. Stone wool and Creomogranite areresistant to heat and cold, so energy is saved.
Underground car parks will be equipped with a sprinkler system, fire-resistant doors, smoke extraction system and fresh air pressure motors.
Warning detectors and a smoke extraction system will be installed on the floors, elevator and stairs.
Our European-made high-speed elevators are silent and safe.
The building was completely handed over for repairs.
May 2021
May 2021
Concreting works up to the 8th floor of block A have been completed.
2020 iyul
July 2020
The foundation of Ahmadli Park project was laid.
The foundation of the building was laid located in Mahammad Hadi street, 2337th quarter, between Ukraine circle and Ahmadli subway station,
May 2020
May 2020
The first apartment was sold.
November 2019
November 2019
The engineering and architectural plan of Ahmadli Park project was developed
"We have tried to take into consideration everything from A to Z for the comfort of the residents. Because customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We are working for you, we are mading for you."
— Aytakin Satici, marketing manager
Before and After
Most frequently asked questions
Where is Ahmadli Park located?
Ahmadli Park residential complex is located in Khatai district, Hadi street 2337 between Ukraine circle and Ahmadli subway station.
What are the terms of credit?
There are favorable credit terms in Ahmadli Park. You can take advantage of 36-month internal credit terms by making a 30% advance payment only with ID card in order to own an apartament.
Are the apartments repaired?
The apartments in Ahmadli Park are handed over unrepaired. After purchasing the apartment you can carry out design and repair works in accordance with your taste.
Are there any school, park or store near the complex?
On the 1st floor of the complex, which is located in a suitable area, a store, Technomart electronics store, beauty salon, hairdresser, sports center are scheduled to operate. There are schools No. 254, 171 and 86 and recreation park named after Heydar Aliyev near the building.
What are the advantages of terraced apartments over other apartments?
In the project, terrace apartments are designed on the 3rd floor, and terrace duplex apartments are designed on the 12th-13th floors. These apartment distinguished from other apartments with their view, large area and terrace. In these apartments you will experience the comfort and atmosphere of a courtyard house.
Opinions of the customers ❤️
Abbasova Gunay
While buying an apartment he first thing I think about its location. The location of Ahmadli Park was very convenient, I thought that since it was close to the center, I would not waste much time on the roads. Also the prices and credit terms were also suitable, I got the apartment I desired. I would advise those people who want to purchase an apartment to buy a duplex apartment, it is very beautiful and spacious.
Aliyev Mehman
I purchase 3-room apartment from Ahmadli Park with 36-month credit. I was very satisfied with the appearance and quality of the building, it was well built.
Babayeva Fargana
I liked the layout of the apartments in this building, the design is great. I recommend the project for its quality and design to everybody.

Ahmadli Park

M.Hadi street 2337, Khatai district