About us

About SR Construction
SR Construction is a construction company operating for many years. The main aim of the Company is to construct large, bright, modern and safe residential buildings. The Company includes premium residential complexes such as Teras Park, Ahmadli Park, Central Towers, Oscar and Concrete plant. SR Construction uses high-quality stone wool coating, Creomogranite facing on the facade of its projects , and also uses Russian and Ukrainian-made armature and M400-M350 brand concrete in reinforced concrete works.

The projects that are distinguished by their eye-catching architectural style, quality ans comfort, enable their future residents with the opportunity to enjoy the premium lifestyle they desire. The Company provides a large greenery area, comfortable benches, playground and attractions in all residential complexes by taking into consideration the comfort of the residents.

SR Construction - premium standard of living!
Preparation stage of the buildings
The level of completion of the construction works is constantly increasing.
Teras Park
was handed over for repairs in 2021.
Ahmadli Park
was handed over for repairs in 2023
was handed over for repairs in 2023
Central Towers
1st quarter (block A) in 2023.
Quality is our assurance
SR Construction constructs all the projects by using high-quality and durable construction materials meeting international standards. Keromogranite, stone wool, aghlay, decorative paint are used as facing by the Company in its projects. Moreover, stained glass windows and glass balconies are preferred in the projects to make the apartments more beautiful and light.
Our priorities
We pay attention particularly to these 3 factor in every work.
Customer care
First of all, we always think of the benefit of our customers
A comfortable life
We want convenience to be always available for our customers.
We give benefits to our society on the basis of sustainable business practices and our attention to the environment.
Our responsibility, your comfort
We are working for you!
As team of SR Construction we have put our signature on the projects that differ in terms of the quality of both architecture and construction works in the most suitable places of our city. We construct projects that are distinguished by their unique exterior, and also provide necessary support for comfort of residents.
Why us?
Why do the buyers purchase apartments in the buildings of SR Construction?
Our materials are qualitative and sustainable.
According to the international norms and standards, requirements of Ministry of Emergency Situations, concrete, cement, armature , brick and other construction materials are used after testing in the laboratory of Institute of Scientific-Research and Project-Constructor Construction Materials named after S.A.Dadashov.
Our buildings are constructed 8-point seismic earthquake-resistant.
We construct rapidly.
The process of construction is managed in a planned manner by the professional staff and skilled engineers.
In our projects the process of construction is going rapidly in comparison with other buildings built in Baku.
The norms and rules related to the process of construction are fully followed and the process of construction is examined by official authorities.
We have favorable credit terms.
We have 36-month internal credits, as well as favorable credit terms.
The planning of our apartments is suitable.
Our architects worked to make the rooms spacious and light during the project division of apartments.
The height of the apartments is 3.45 - 3.14 meters.
There is a school, a park, a garden, a supermarket and etc. near the buildings..
Furthermore, the shopping center, electonics store, playgorund, dental clinic, sports center, beauty salon and indoor playground for children will operate for comfort of the residents within the complexes.

High-level supply
Central electricity supply and generator; Gas supply; Digital TV, internet and telephone system; 24-hour water supply and reserve water tank; 24/7 security service and surveillance cameras; Fire safety system.
Our projects
Our projects are built in convenient locations of Baku
Those who buy apartments from us lives comfortably
Add happy moments to your life
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